We analyse all kind of Un-structured Data! Texts, PDFs, Images, Videos, Audio!!

We aim to empower small businesses with the power of AI.

We build Smart Software Applications with the power of AI. We develop software products to assists businesses using modern Web/ Mobile Technologies, Cloud Solutions, Deeplearning, Voice Assistants, Video Analytics.

Our Services


ML-Deeplearning Solutions

We have been providing such solutions to our existing clients using ANN, CNN, RNN, SVM, Decision Trees etc.

Cloud & IOT Solutions

We have worked with clients providing iot solutions for their smart camera devices, coffee machines, industry equipments.

Chat Bots

Scalable Chatbot solutions specific to customer needs using advanced algorithms and tools available.

Blockchain Solutions

We provide Blockchain/ DLT based solutions to every aspect of businesses that requires trust among different parties.

Web & Mobile App Development

High quality Native App development in IOS & Android, with keen focus on latest SDK standards.

Digital Literacy

We also provide digital training so as to help your business rise the tide of digitisation & cloud.

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We are a young passionate tech savy team working to scale businesses using technology!

Our Works


IOT based App for Brewery Industry to track & control quality.

The application was used to collect data from all the connected weighing machines over ​Bluetooth​ in real time. Track different readings & device performances, draw ​real time charts and send all the collected data over to Cloud.

Social Media Profile Profanity Scan & Reporting using DeepLearning.

Application that lets user scan their social media profile for Profane Texts & Images and advice them to remove them by creating reports & showing the report on App as well as sending them to their registered mails.

Create a Shadow Brain to assist users in decision making.

To create a shadow brain with functionality of assisting us in our day to day needs. Services that the application tried shadowing were like Car service, Home maintenance service, Vacations planning, Credit card Payments etc.

Pose Estimation to monitor improvements in exercises.

To detect real time Pose of Humans in the camera frame & then send the media across API to our servers were calculations can be done using all the ​Key Points​ detected for the proper Pose & exercises. Exercises were recommended to users by doctors post surgeries. And the ios app helped in proper monitoring of those exercises as performed by users.

Hyperlocal marketplace for Businesses.

Retailers can bring their outlets online using web portal. Features included Leads Tracking, Inventory management, Invoicing, Product Procurement from other relevant businesses.Created a marketplace for business to find requried products & services providers and connect with them so as to fulfill their business needs.




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